Carter Flachbarth
 Carter’s work is a re-imagination of our codependent relationship with technology. His practice revolves around recording conscious thoughts, through drawing and writing, throughout the day in order to upload these thoughts as data into a program he has written. The computer then makes all artistic decisions, which Carter would have previously made himself, based on the data given to the program. Carter realizes these decisions in paint mimicking the manner that a computer or phone is forced to realize the users every touch, click, or keystroke. Rather than technology being controlled by a user, Carter subjects himself, as well as his autonomy, to the will of technology. This new interaction has created an alternative consciousness present in Carter’s work; a consciousness that is neither completely human nor completely arbitrary. While Carter maintains the capacity to experience and live his own life, he has given up his ability to artistically act on these experiences. This privilege of action is in possession of a program that has no ego, no sense of self, and no potential for expression. Without these personal biases, Carter aims to create the most quantifiably honest art making experience. Through this aim, the work examines what it means to let something else make decisions upon our lives, and we are questioned whether our notion of self comes from our ability to experience, our ability to decide or act on these experiences, or the connection between the two.